AThlete Branding

In our growing digital economy, we can find difficulties getting views and putting ourselves out there in order for the world to see us and attract more followers, fans or subscribers.  In order to understand how to grow our media numbers and viewerships there are a few questions we ask ourselves, How will your goals of success be impacted by the image and brand you display to the world?  Does the world know who you are? Will people buy your product? How do I grow in my current field and into other ventures? Do you have enough followers or fans to be recognized and be seen as a top tier athlete?  These are all critical and vital key components in creating a brand. Let Be Def guide you through all the key functions it takes to become successful. Be Def will take initiative to guide you step by step on how to market yourself better so you get the exposure you deserve in the market your currently in. 


Fight Logistics

It's game time. You now have a fight insight and need to focus on the fight, where it’s going to take place, how will I get there, what hotel among other logistic concerns. This is a lot to handle and there are so many other things that come along with these concerns. Let Be Def worry about all your fight logistics so that you can focus on your fight and we can focus on getting you there.


Social Media management

 Do you have an Instagram or twitter?  Are you finding it difficult to grow your fan base on social media platforms? Is your facebook getting hard to keep up with?  Do you want to connect with others but don't have enough time or effort to do so? Let Be Def manage your social media posts and content. This allows you to focus on your regiment while our team of experts creates pictures, content and social post that will increase subscribers. We can manage your social media accounts in order to increase opportunities with other media entrepreneurs.  Be def can create a media package that includes 5 to 6 different outlets in order to get the exposure you deserve.



You are now getting big and your fan base is growing. What is the next step to ensure growth and profitability?  The answer is merchandising! Capitalize by growing and creating a specific brand and design that is unique to you. Your name, your look and what you represent can all be represented by a logo and merchandise. Anything from clothes to accessories we can assist in designing and creating. Our team can manufacture and do product placement endorsements in order for your brand to profit and to get the awareness you need in order to be profitable in this growing market.



Its fight time and you need a promo video and a few contents in order to get more exposure. What angles should I shoot, can i use my phone?  What is a great video and how can I get the video edited? These are all great questions? Here's the answer. Our team of videographers will provide lighting,  props and editing techniques to give you high-quality content in order to attract potential fans and subscribers. Allow us to develop a plan for you in order to build excitement and exposure for all your future endeavors. 



It’s time to do a photo shoot. You might find yourself asking, how can I get the perfect lighting and right picture to look like a professional shot?  Be def has a vase knowledge and experience in live events photoshoots and getting the right pic at the right time. Let be def be your photographer for all your events and social media posts. Be def will use all images on your live accounts, posters, flyers, and any media events to ensure vital exposure and content.


web design

I have a great team behind me and I'm ready to grow my brand into something bigger than just myself. It's time for a website. Be Def has experts in marketing and managing websites in order to grow your brand awareness. A website is not just a place for sales and content it's also a way to expose yourself and grow a larger fan base. Be Def can take control and create a vital and exciting website in order to have potential fans invest and find what new things you are currently doing. 


Endorsement deals

You have a vase social following, your career seems to be on the right path but something is definitely missing, endorsements! In order to maximize your monetary value endorsements can help with that. Let's say you have a fight coming up, we can assist in finding sponsorships and endorsements to help you finance your training and get a little extra incentive while we wait for the big pay off from your fights.



As you grow as an athlete and a social media influencer, co-promotions and advertising deals may occur.  Giving yourself an opportunity to grow not just within your respective field to be able to venture out into outer segments of advertising is a great way to keep longevity in our growing social economy, Be def can provide endorsement deals and plans of action in order to venture into other fields outside of your own. 



Cross ventures and entertainment deals is a great way to expose yourself to audiences that never had any idea of your existence. We have a growing social media industry  that allows individuals to be seen in the media in different outlets. An example of this is seeing athletes in commercials or shows that have nothing to do with their expertise. This allows exposure and views from people that might not have been part of your initial audience but after the exposure are now drawn and curious to see who and what you might be about. Be def has a connection  to music, movies, and television in order to assist with product placing and athlete awareness. 


Nutrition specialist

Keeping a track of eating, working out and what food to avoid can be overwhelming when getting ready for a big event. We have a team of nutritionist of experts that can walk you and help you prepare for your big fight. Our team has dedicated themselves to understanding what foods work best for you. Since we are individuals  and our bodies react different to certain foods, Our nutritionist specialist will analyze your specific needs to ensure the maximum potential for\\rom the protein and fats we absorb. 



Sometimes involuntary actions happen and we can find ourselves in legal trouble. Don't stress or allow legal complications to discourage or impact your potential and focus. Allow Be Def to provide legal counsel. We have Attorneys and industry experts to help you in all your legal cases or endeavours you may encounter along the way. It can be hard to focus on yourself when pending legal actions may impact your career. Be def can help provide relief when these actions occur. 




I have a great amateur carrier, I just cannot get any fights for myself. Is this a current issue for you? Do you wish you had a team behind you that will focus on getting you fights while you focus on training and getting stronger? Allow our team of fight consultants to arrange and set up all your fights in order to grow your fight record and get the experience you need to achieve your maximum potential.




Have you ever had a question asked or a heckler push you to the brink of lashing out inappropriately in public? This happens more than often to all different types of artists, athletes, and performers. These occurrences can cause a backlash when it comes to your public image. Our public relations specialist can guide you to fix and maintain a clean public image in order to grow and maximize all your future ventures. Have a meeting or a media conference where you will be the center of attraction? Our expert staff will provide guidance and support to make sure the right words and images are being portrayed for you.

success is when opportunity meets preparedness